New Year & New Motivation-February 1, 2017

Politics in the year of 2017 is crazy! Now more than ever, as RPCVs we need to become active in our communities.  Lets be productive.  Many of us have participated in protests, marches, and calling our representatives for many reasons. As a nonpartisan group PC to Politics wants to encourage participation on all sides of the isle to ensure our country to move forward.  Here are the current ongoings from our RPCV elected officials.

Congressman Joe Kennedy the 3rd

One of our hardworking RPCV Congressman Joe Kennedy has been protesting & marching for important issues, creating legislation, and blogging about the challenges of working with the new administration.  Follow his twitter account @repjoekennedy

State Senator of Maine Shenna Bellows

Our newly elected RPCV to Maine’s state senate is starting out strong with great ideas and keeping to her Peace Corps ideals.  Check out what she has been up to in the past few weeks.

State Senator of Alabama Arthur Orr

Recently State Senator Arthur Orr had meeting with the Alabama Governor for the possibility of being appointed to the US Senate, if current Senator Jeff Sessions gets confirmed as Attorney General. Though some of us in our community would not like to see this confirmation to go through, at least we will get an ally in the Senate.  Let see what happens.  Here is the link to the article: Interviewed for US Senate seat

Check out his views:

The PC to Politics Team

With a new year, the PC to Politics team is strategizing and improving ways to get information out to our followers.   We have strategy conference this weekend and we are reaching out to those of you that want to run for office.  We would love your ideas and leads on potential political candidates that are RPCVs.  We have resources to promote and educate all RPCVs that want to participate in the political system.  Email us at Also, we can take contributions to support our efforts. Click on the Contribution page.