Volunteers Needed!

We are being inundated with RPCVs wanting to run for office. We are very excited but that means we need lots of help!

Our first call is for CANDIDATE CAPTAINS

What is a CANDIDATE CAPTAIN? Well, it is a volunteer that has a little more time to lead efforts to support a specific candidate.  Right now we are looking for captains for our Congressional Candidates:

Jessica Holcombe, Russia, US House of Representatives (CA-01)

Rick Neal, Morroco, Candidate for US House of Representatives (OH-15)

Paul Clements; The Gambia  running for Congress 2018 (MI-6)

Jose Javier Rodriguez Senegal 2000-2003; State Senator, US House of Representatives (FL-37)


  1. Will lead other volunteers in supporting a specific candidate
  2. Will search the web for articles and share with PC to Politics through email, FB or twitter
  3. Will plan fundraisers for each candidate
  4. Will represent PC to Politics

You do not have to be in the same congressional district or same Country of Service as the Candidate.  Many of these efforts can be done online. We are just looking for volunteers who are passionate about helping these candidates win!

If you are interested please contact us (Kristina and Wendy ) info@pctopolitics.net 

Keep posted for future calls for Volunteers for our state-level candidates!


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