James Gore Sonoma County Supervisor (Peace Corps Bolivia), leading his community!

You may be hearing about the many wildfires that are threatening lives in California. James Gore (Peace Corps Bolivia ), a county supervisor in Sonoma County is in the middle of a crisis. He is leading well. His family has also been impacted. He is keeping people are updated on Facebook, Twitter and currently being interviewed by a local radio station.

As I listen to his interview, I am thrilled to hear him emphasizing the importance of being supportive to everyone.  He is taking everything he has learned as a Peace Corps Volunteer and tackling this crisis with grace.

Below is an excerpt from a news article:  http://www.pressdemocrat.com/news/local/7509113-181/another-fire-this-one-in?gallery=7508401&artslide=0

“Sonoma County Supervisor James Gore, who represents the north county, said he heard of a couple who were at one point stuck in the mountains outside Geyserville, trapped on a boat in the middle of a pond with fire all around them. The couple’s daughter contacted Gore through Facebook pleading for help and a chopper to rescue them, after which Gore helped reach out to emergency dispatchers, he said.”

“I just got word that they’re safe,” he said. “Small victories. Small reassurances.”

PC to Politics supported James Gore when he ran for County Supervisor in 2014. We are thrilled to see that he is leading well.

PC to Politics supports RPCVs political leaders at all levels from local to the federal level. We also depend on small donations to continue to support these leaders. Please consider contributing (here) to PC to Politics to help us reach our goal of 50 RPCVs in Congress by 2037. 


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