A message to our supporters

Last night we reached out to our closest friends, family, and supporters to let them know how PC to Politics has been. They were there from the beginning. Today we share what we wrote to all our new friends and supporters.  Questions? email us at info@pctopolitics.net Want to sign up for our newsletter? Click here!


Dear Friends,

First, I want to thank you for your continued support of PC to Politics over the last 4 years. As someone who I consider my friend, I wanted to directly write you about the progress of our efforts and our exciting future.

As you may know PC to Politics is an all-volunteer organization that supports our RPCV (Peace Corps Alumni), political leaders. We are non-partisan and our support is contingent on RPCV Political leaders demonstrating their commitment to our Peace Corps ideals.

The enthusiasm of the Peace Corps Community to run for office and support our political leaders is significantly greater for 2018! Our small all-volunteer organization is being inundated with news of RPCVs running for office almost weekly.

I am writing to ask for your help!
First, we definitely welcome volunteers.  From fundraising to outreach! We are open to suggestions and ideas. Please email us directly.

Second, I ask that you look at this list of RPCVs currently running for office. Are we missing anyone?  I am sure we are! Go to our website for the most updated version of this list.
 Wendy and I have both talked to these candidates and we are thrilled to see how committed these leaders are to the Peace Corps ideals.They are the type of Political leaders we need at all levels. Leaders who are committed to representing and helping their communities thrive!

Brian Forde, Nicaragua 2003-2005, US House of Representatives (CA-45)
Jessica Holcombe, Russia, US House of Representatives (CA-01)
Paul Clements; The Gambia, US House of Representatives (MI-6)
Jose Javier Rodriguez,  Senegal 2000-2003, US House of Representatives (FL-37)
Rick Neal, Morocco, US House of Representatives (OH-15)

State Level
Mike McCabe, Mali 1989-1991, Candidate for Governor of Wisconsin
A.Shane Robinson, Zambia, Maryland State Assembly
Robbyn Lewis, Niger, Maryland State Assembly
Kate Marshall, Kenya, Lt. Governor Candidate Nevada
John Curtis, Dominican Republic 1990-1993, Candidate for Illinois State Assembly
Jim Caffrey, Mali, 89-91, Candidate for Illinois State Assembly

Third, show your support by donating to these candidates or volunteering. Not sure who to give too? Contribute to PC to Politics so we may do more to support these candidates.

Finally, thank you so much for all you do! Please keep in touch and let me know how I can also support you in your efforts.

Warmest regards,


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