50 RPCVs in Congress by Peace Corps’ 75th Anniversary!

Wendy and I (Kristina ), co-founders(we are also twin sisters) went on a mini road trip to do some hiking this week. Over lunch, we contemplated the future of our nation and the need for more Returned Peace Corps volunteers as political leaders at the highest levels of government.

Screen Shot 2017-08-25 at 10.09.47 AM

We received amazing responses and our Facebook stats were pretty high (you often have to pay to boost your posts to get numbers like these!)

Responses included 1) Let’s do this! 2) I wish I could but not sure I would be successful….3) we also need local and state RPCV leaders.

Many of us would love to just run for Congress, after all, the big issues International development and foreign affairs are issues we feel more comfortable with.  However, surprisingly the issues we dealt with in our Peace Corps communities are similar to what is happening in our US communities.

So you want to run for Congress one day! Start small! Think about those skills we learned as Peace Corps Volunteers. 50 RPCVs in Congress by 2037 means a lot of hard work! In the next week, we will blog about some major steps we as a community need to take.

There are some caveats to starting small which we will discuss in our last blog. Sometimes starting big can pay off.

Step one:  Get to know your community-Volunteer

Step two: Local Politics Matter-Pick a side

Step three: Contribute your unique Peace Corps ideals and skills

Step Four: Leadership Gaps

Step Five: Network and Learn

Step Six: Run for local, county or state political office

Step Seven: Repeat steps 3-6

Step Eight: Run for Congress

Alternative paths to run for Congress

Let us know what you think!  What are we missing?


PC to Politics is run completely by volunteers. We support RPCVs running for office at all levels from local to the federal level. We also depend on small donations to continue to support these candidates. Please consider contributing (here) to PC to Politics to help us reach our goal of 50 RPCVs in Congress by 2037. 



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