PC to Politics Monthly Meeting-March 30th

Our First meeting was a success and we have a renewed sense of commitment to ensure the Peace Corps Community makes a positive impact in political leadership! This means encouraging and empowering the Peace Corps Community to get involved in local, state and national politics. Whether its running for office or supporting a fellow RPCV who is!

Below is PDF Powerpoint of our meeting notes

March 30th PC to Politics Meeting

Here is a summary of what we need:

  1. Social Media team of volunteers- We need several volunteers to help manage our many social media accounts: Facebook, LinkedIn, Medium, Instagram, Website blog, and other possible avenues
  2. Website Management, Monthly newsletter, and blogs
  3. Community Outreach building the network of RPCVs that are ready to help RPCVs get elected to political office!
  4. Fundraising Strategy. PC to Politics needs funding to help support our RPCV Political Leaders
  5. Identifying RPCVS who are running for office is a community effort.

For all of these, message us if you are interested in helping!

Email Kristina@pctopolitics.net or Wendy@pctopolitics.net


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