Volunteer for Corry Westbrook, US Candidate for the House of Representatives

We have 21 Days left to the election and our Peace Corps Alum candidates need your help to win!

We just got an urgent request from Corry Westbrook (Peace Corps Eastern Caribbean-Nevis) to volunteer to make  5000 calls to get her elected!

Here is an excerpt of her email:

“Subject: Holy Sh*t 21 days left!!!

Now that I have your attention – please help me get elected!!! 
I need to call over 5000 numbers in 21 days. I can’t do it alone. You can call from anywhere – Vero, Melbourne, Cocoa, DC, Maryland, VA, gym, car, bed…. 
The simple instructions on who to reach out to and get plugged in are attached. 
Even if you just make ten calls – or ten a day or ten a week – VERY HELPFUL!! 
If you are in the 8th district – instructions for how to get plugged in to canvass are attached as well. 
Remember – when you make calls you can say “vote for Hillary and Patrick Murphy and Corry Westbrook!”. Vote for them for the lagoon!!! There is a script provided!
If you want yard signs or door hangers – please call or email me. 
Just 21 days. This is the big push. Ever‎ything else was just prolouge. 
Let’s take back our district and congress from extremist and ‎obstructionist! 
Let’s get the first woman RPCV elected to Congress! Click below for instructions



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