2014 Peace Corps to Politics Breakdown

1 day until the 2014 Mid-Term Elections. While everyone is concern about who will take the Senate, Our concern is how many Peace Corps Alumni can be get elected!

For everyone here is the Breakdown


26 Candidates: We spent the year or more trying to find out who these candidates were, using our Peace Corps networks to get the most accurate  number as possible. There still may be more candidates, we have not found. We reached out to all 26. We actively promoted all 26 online. We had the opportunity to have or facilitate events.

4 Republicans, 22 Democrats:  Party lines do not necessarily describe our candidates views. There is definitely 26 different views on a range of issues but everyone is about making their communities and our country better. In Congress, the RPCVs are one of the first leaders to work across the aisle. On the campaign trail, they are all about listening and hearing from their constituents.

4 incumbent Congressmen; 2 House candidates, 1 Senate Candidate:

2 Governor Candidates

1 Secretary of State candidate

3 local candidates: These are the hardest candidates to find! We suspect that there many more!

13 State Senate and State Assembly

Our most competitive races

These races will be decided by how many people go vote! And in all of these races the Peace Corps Community can make a differences! Please call, email,  and encourage your friends, family and fellow RPCVs to go and vote and tell them about these Peace Corps alum candidates.

Forrest Dunbar  US Congress Alaska with a small population and based on the few polls taken, this race is so close. the Peace Corps community can definitely make a difference!

Jason Carter, Governor Georgia This race has been very close and they say it will take alot effort to get out the vote in the minority communities and other communities that tend to have low rates of voting! Find out how you can help.

Shenna Bellows US Senate Maine With polls that are unreliable, its hard to say how Shenna is doing but it is so apparent to the RPCVs helping her out that she has substantial support! Lets help her make it!

Congressman John Garamendi  Though it appears he will win, it is a tough race and it will depend on turnout! Remind your friends and family why its important to vote for him.

Congressman Mike Honda He is running against another Democrat, who is younger and not very experience, though he is the same age as Shenna and Jason, he never did Peace Corps or other types of services. We tweeted him and encourage him he should join the Peace Corps and then come back and run for office! The Congressman looks like he will win but with two democrats running it could be confusing, so please tell them why Peace Corps services really makes a difference!

There are several races that we have no way of knowing what direction it will go in! Here are some

Eric Bassler  State Senate, Indiana. one of our more conservative Peace Corps Alumni but he is running against a Democrat who is also very conservative and their viewpoints are very similar (ie gun control, abortion, coal mines). Though it is very apparent that compared to his opponent he exemplifies those Peace Corps ideals, making the choice very clear, even those of us who vote Democrat 90% of the time!

Paul Clements, US House Michigan Another unclear races of who could win! He is running against a longtime incumbent, but he is the first Democrat to raise a significant amount money.

Later today we will post a score-card to accompany this post! So you can use it as you watch the results come in!

Remember to vote! If we do not vote, we cannot complain about the direction our country could go. Please encourages friends and family to also vote and vote for the Peace Corps Alumni! These are the type of people we need in office!


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