7 Days to the ELECTION

Friends, Family, supporters of the Peace Corps Community,

We have 7 more days! This election cycle has flown by so fast! Its exciting to see so many Returned Peace Corps Volunteers (Peace Corps Alumni) running for political office! But without a doubt several of these races are very very close! That means we as a community can definitely make a difference!

here are some of the close elections:

Federal Level

Our incumbents: Congressmen: 4 are running for re-election, 1 is retiring, 2 are uncontested but Congressman Mike Honda and Congressman John Garamendi both have tough races! They are expected to win but with very slim leads, anything could change!

Forrest Dunbar, Peace Corps Kazakhstan US House of Representatives for Alaska.
Several months ago, no one thought he would be able get even close to beating Congressman Don Young. The incumbent has been  Alaska’s representative for more than 40 years! He is 81 years old 50 years older than Forrest! Many thought his current campaign would prep him for 2016 run. Now, it looks like he has a chance! With the most recent poll posted yesterday with Forrest at 46%  and Don Young at 41% of Likely voters and a poll last week showing Forrest only 1% behind Don Young(essentially a statistical tie) Forrest winning is a major possibility, for this race we think the Peace Corps Community can make a Major impact in getting Forrest elected!

Shenna Bellows Peace Corps Panama US Senate Maine

For Shenna, she also has a chance! It is hard to poll in states like Maine and Alaska. She is doing very well in her debates, commercials on TV and on the Radio have hit record airing. Shenna has raised more money than any previous opponent to Senator Susan Collins.

Jason Carter, Peace Corps South Africa, Georgia Governor Candidate

Every day a new poll has Jason leading or slightly behind! He is doing fantastic in the debates! Currently he traveling across Georgia to Get Out the VOTE. It will come down to how many can get to the polls!

These candidates are in close races and the Peace Corps Community can make a difference! What can you do?

1. VOTE, if you can vote early go for it! If not make sure you have a plan! All jobs should allow you to come in late, vote during your lunch or leave early so you can vote. No one and no job has the right to prevent you from voting!

2. VOLUNTEER, all the candidates need to help to simply call and encourage everyone to go out and vote! These calls are pretty easy to do since you are not asking for money or talking about the complex issues. Simply asking everyone to vote is important. The more we participate the better we can hold our elected official accountable.

3. CALL all your friends and family to vote. Especially in the states of ALASKA, MAINE and GEORGIA! Simply explain that Peace Corps alumni bring positive perspectives to public office! Our candidates no matter what party are gracious, fair and compassionate!

4. POST, TWEET , SHARE The more we do this the better.  Our efforts can make a difference! Believe it!  ALASKA has only 731,000 citizens, Their are over 215,000 RPCVS multiply that to include our parents, our children, our grandchildren, our students (at least 1/4 of the RPCVs teach!) and our neighbors & friends who believe in us! Our community could easily make up 2 million, that is also almost twice the population of  MAINE