A Great Year!

Peace Corps week March 2013

Time definitely always flies when you are having fun! In March of 2013, after another amazing National Day of Action  I (Kristina -Bolivia 00-02) began to wonder why we did not have more Returned Peace Corps Volunteers in political leadership? Five Congressmen is a small number. I think Peace Corps alumni would be natural leaders in our communities. With some help from an amazing NPCA intern (Kait Future PCV Nepal March 2015), we started collecting names of these leaders at the local, state and federal level. I talked to my friends, family and contacts I had made in the previous years of being involved in the Peace Corps alumni community. I received amazing feedback from many mentors and leaders I have met through my work as RPCV/W’s 50th Event Manager.   Everyone was so positive about this idea.

August 2013

After great feedback and realization that an independent group needed to be created in order to better support these leaders, we created a Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/PCtoPolitics

That fall, we connected with so many amazing RPCV Political leaders: Shenna Bellows from Maine, Jason Carter from Georgia by 2014 we knew there were about 20 plus RPCV Candidates.

January 2014
Peace Corps to Politics was officially launched! We had a draft website, We brainstormed our mission and vision; we drafted the website and decided what we wanted on the site. Cindy (Bolivia 05-07) sketched out a logo for P2P, so her amazing and talented cousin Danah could turn it into the logo we have today!
June 2014
In between all our crazy schedules, working, volunteering we finally had an official website! This was all thanks to P2P team member Arvis! We went to Peace Corps Connect Nashville to tell our community about the efforts and encourage everyone to get involved. We did this with a session on “Politics and the Peace Corps” which included guests: Former Congressman Mike Ward . Meanwhile (and to my envy!) a few of the Peace Corps to Politics team attended a fundraiser for  Peace Corps alum and Congressman Joe Kennedy!



September 2014

We had our first Peace Corps to Politics sponsored event at the Science Club in the heart of Washington, DC. Steve and his staff are major supporters of the Peace Corps and were so awesome in helping us have a successful event! This event was for Shenna Bellows, running for US -Senate Maine but we had a special guest Yoomie Huynh who is a local candidate in the DC area. It was so amazing to hear both women talk about running for office!

To capture the night, Jessi took most of the photographs! They were very good! Check them out:


Cindy & Jandee-originally from Maine!
Cindy & Jandee-originally from Maine!
Jessi & Kate
Jessi & Kate
Arvis & Kristina
Arvis & Kristina
Great expression and response to an insightful question.
Great expression and response to an insightful question.
Yoomie tallking passionately about her Neighborhood issues
Yoomie talking passionately about her Neighborhood issues

October 2014

Its a very busy month! with the campaigns and debates heating up! Its getting exciting but hard to keep up with all the whirlwind of events and news. It inspired us to think about creating a Newsletter to keep everyone updated. Please Sign up!



Finally we are so excited for all our candidates!  Only 17 days to go! Get out and vote! Its so important to for country that we elect candidates who have the compassion and understanding on how to move our country forward!


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