Peace Corps Alumni ‘need to Jump in, not drop out of politics’

Forrest Dumbar (Peace Corps Kazakhstan) who is running for US Congress in Alaska, wrote this great article: “Alaska millennials need to jump in, not drop out of politics”

Immediately upon reading this article, one definitely thinks about our Peace Corps Community when he refers to the millenials! For example when he says:

“Millenials think ‘politics is too partisan, too nasty, and life is more fulfilling elsewhere’…. many ‘increasingly turn to the nonprofit world, seek an apolitical government position, or head into private sector work’ ”

Sound familiar? Just replace that with Peace Corps alumni /RPCVs  and its exactly what many of us think and do. However, we have noticed that the Peace Corps community is cautiously optimistic and supportive of Peace Corps alums who do run for office.  Forrest Dunbar  continues to make the case that ‘refusing to step up and take part in electoral politics……could mean a ‘lack of progress’ and at times takes us backwards.

There are many issues that the Peace Corps community is very passionate about, from poverty, the environment, voters rights and immigration reform.  Our deep understanding of these issues, makes us effective leaders.

Peace Corps to Politics agrees with Forrest when he says in response to those who ask him why he would subject himself to ‘personal attacks and public arguments’; he responds with “…there is no place where so much change can be made, for good or for ill…”

Peace Corps to Politics also sees a connection in Forrest’s statement “I am arguing that if we as a generation leap in together we can collectively make things better, at the local level in Juneau and even in our nation’s capital” 

Forrest Dunbar (Peace Corps Kazakhstan) US Congress Candidate; Photograph is courtesy of "Forrest Dunbar for Congress" Facebook Page
Forrest Dunbar (Peace Corps Kazakhstan) US Congress Candidate; Photograph is courtesy of “Forrest Dunbar for Congress” Facebook Page

As Peace Corps alums we have been trained to make a difference in our local communities, we know that it takes time but change can happen. We have strengthen our skills in patience, flexibility and persistence, everything we need to succeed in electoral politics! If we collectively participate in the electoral process we can make a difference. We know what you are thinking: ” our community is only 215,000″ we say its more than 215,000, we have friends, family, colleagues who have not served but are very much supportive of  the Peace Corps ideals, we are not alone in our perspective we just have a unique experience that is needed to move our country forward!

Keep a look out for more post from Peace Corps to Politics and our 2014 Candidates!




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