How to support our Peace Corps community Political Leaders Part II

This is an amazing time to be alive, with so many ways to express your opinion, and exercise your free speech in truly free ways! Of course we all have our complaints ie Facebook manipulating who can see what on your FB profile or your Page. ie our posts are not necessarily seen by all 526 of our ‘Followers/FANS. If we want a post to be ‘seen’ by x amount people we have to pay $10-$50. Full transparency, we have tried it! However, in the end these are small costs for promoting an idea. Half way through writing Part 1, I, Kristina (Bolivia 00-02) realized Social Media is perhaps the biggest and the most effective way to support our Political Peace Corps alum leaders!   Below I will break it down for you!



Right now on August 18, 2014, Facebook is the largest social network site in the world. Many have  their own profile from the 13 year olds to 100 year olds. However, not everyone uses their accounts -I even have a few friends who refuse to have an account.

That said, for charity/political organizations, small business, political figures, its the easiest way to get known! Of course Facebook should be supplemented with twiter, wordpress blogs, Google+ and others!

What can you do?

1) Set up to get notifications from your favorite Peace Corps Alum Political leaders and of course do the same for the Peace Corps to Politics page!  Its easy hover your mouse over the LIKED button and there is the option of “Get Notifications”

How to never miss a post from Peace Corps to Politics!
How to never miss a post from Peace Corps to Politics!

2) LIKE as many of the posts as you can, this helps the post be seen by your friends and friends of friends

3) Share key posts, an article that mention these leaders but instead of just sharing the link directly from the website, Share it so it is known that you got the info from these awesome Peace Corps Alum leaders! so your post should say ” your name” shared a link via Peace Corps to Politics(0r another political leader)

Share a post!
Share a post!

4) Share a link or post about your favorite Political leader but in your ‘text’ do not forget to tag them. To do that it is easy:  example: Check out article about XXXX person –  type @ then start typing name and it should come up. Add Hashtags by using # then type word like Peace Corps or #Montana  Tags and Hashtages are important!

5) Share Post to your page but also to  groups that you are a member of! For example I share Peace Corps to Politics  on the RPCV group page which has over 3500 members, occasionally I will post to the Future PCV site or other relevant sites


Retweet, follow and favorite posts. Our Peace Corps alum political candidates are always so appreciative of your support.  Also, if you have time post a link or opinion about crucial issues, tag these leaders, question their opponents!   For example Shenna running for US senate in Maine and Forrest running for Congress in  Alaska are challenging formidable candidates. These incumbents refuse to debate them, but we as community can push for this to happen!



Alot of Social Media options but Email is still a go-to option!  Sign up to get newsletters and updates from your favorite Peace Corps alum candidates. You will get emails about whatever issue they are passionate about and they will ask for your support, sign your name! (of course they will then ask for donation-still optional!)  Email them! Tell them why you believe in them!

Then email your friends and family! Tell them why its important that we have more Returned Peace Corps Volunteers in Political Office!


Original blogs and letters to the editor

Blogs, letters to the editor, comments on various sites will help our Political leaders strengthen their reach. Keep things positive.  Our Political leaders will be attacked by their opponents but Peace Corps Alums are positive and proactive individuals and we need to highlight that!



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